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The Asscher cut diamond is the brainchild of brothers Joseph and Abraham Asscher, who helped to bring the Royal Asscher Diamond Company into prominence and create a 157 year old diamond dynasty.

Asscher Cut Loose Diamonds

Here at King of Jewelry, we take great pride in the rich history of our Asscher cut loose diamonds. The Asscher family founded the Royal Asscher Diamond Company in 1854, and quickly rose to prominence as some of the world’s most skilled diamond cutters. In 1902, Joseph Asscher, son of the founder, developed the signature Asscher cut. He and his brother Abraham were invited to cut some of the most famous diamonds of all time, including the Excelsior (997 carats/199 g) and the Cullinan (3,106 carats/621 g). Tragically, much of the Asscher family (all Jews) was murdered in the Holocaust and the business wiped out. Only 10 Asscher family members survived, and they went on to restore the family’s diamond cutting tradition to its former illustrious position. Today, the Asscher cut is the popular choice of celebrities like Jessica Alba and Elizabeth Hurley.

You can find exquisite Asscher cut loose diamonds at King of Jewelry, where our experts have dedicated themselves to preserving the legacy of this great diamond cutting clan. To learn more about the diverse selection of Asscher cut loose diamonds available at King of Jewelry, contact us directly with questions or explore our user-friendly website.