Cushion Cut Loose Diamonds

The Cushion cut diamond’s inherent beauty can be seen in such famous stones as the Logan Sapphire, housed in the Smithsonian. This exquisite cut also graced the hands of such historical darlings as the late and much-beloved Princess Diana.

Cushion Cut Loose Diamonds

Cushion cut loose diamonds, beloved for their deep cut and large facets, can be found right here at King of Jewelry, the premier jewelry store in Los Angeles. We offer an unmatched selection of diamond rings and other exquisite jewelry, but we also find that many of our loyal customers enjoy the option of buying cushion cut loose diamonds, either to customize their own jewelry, or to add to their collection.

Some of the most well-known diamonds in history are cushion-cut, including the 45.53 carat blue Hope Diamond, the 140.5 carat Regent Diamond, and the 128.54 carat yellow Tiffany diamond. The Smithsonian Museum of History houses the Logan Sapphire diamond, a 423 carat cushion-cut diamond and the largest cut blue sapphire diamond in the world. Cushion cut diamonds, extremely popular in the 1800s, have seen a resurgence lately, with many prominent celebrities choosing them for their engagement rings. One of the most famous is the 5.73-carat sapphire and diamond ring worn by the late Princess Diana and now worn by her son William’s new bride, Kate Middleton. Other owners of this exquisite cut include country singer LeAnn Rimes.

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