Diamond Cross Pendant

Any of our beautiful diamond cross pendants are great for religious cherishment and security, utilizing carefully adorned, precision cut diamonds.
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3.0 Ct. Round Cut Diamond Cross Pendant With Chain
This inspirational classic diamond cross pendant is the perfect addition to...
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Pave Diamond Cross Pendant With Chain
Pure elegance shrouds the design of this beautiful diamond cross pendant....
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Princess Cut Diamond Cross Pendant With Chain
This is a gorgeous diamond cross pendant that is sleek in design. It...
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White Gold Diamond Cross Pendant With Chain
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This adoring diamond pendant radiates with pure elegance. Its stunning look...

Diamond Cross Pendant

Wearing a diamond cross pendant is a great way to express your beliefs and faith. Many people will also wear one as a fashion statement. They are popular with both women and men. The diamonds on the cross can be cut in a variety of ways, including baguette, round, princess, and emerald styles. A diamond cross pendant can have a platinum, silver, or gold chain. With so many styles, colors, and cuts to choose from, you can easily select the right pendant for your own personal tastes. Don’t assume that diamond jewelry is expensive, either: a diamond cross pendant can be quite affordable, depending on where you buy it and which chain you choose.

In addition to the color of the chain, you also need to take the color of the diamonds on the cross pendant into consideration. If the chain is of high quality, the diamonds should also match. The less color a diamond has, the more brilliant and fiery it will be. Since truly colorless diamonds are rare, you need to look for a near colorless diamond cross pendant, one that is graded G-J by the GIA or 1.5-3 by the AGS. A diamond cross pendant will truly shine if is mostly clear and white. There is also the size to consider, since diamond cross pendants come in a range of sizes. Finally, consider whether you want a diamond cross pendant that has another added design element in addition to the cross.  Some pendants feature a heart or other symbol encircling the cross, and others include a solitary cross by itself. Whatever you decide, make sure you order your diamond cross pendant from a trusted jewelry store that will deliver on quality while offering the best possible prices, like King of Jewelry.