Emerald Cut Loose Diamonds

The Emerald cut has been a favorite choice of history’s classiest women, from the very first one cut for Mary Burgundy in 1477 to America’s own 20th Century royalty, First Lady Jackie Onassis.

Emerald Cut Loose Diamonds

As the name implies, the emerald cut was originally developed for emeralds, not diamonds. Emeralds contain many inclusions (natural internal flaws) that can make them difficult to cut without shattering. Experts developed a sophisticated method known as the emerald cut address this issue. This process was later used on diamonds as well, to create brilliantly cut shapes that remain some of the most popular today. Here at King of Jewelry, we offer a wide selection of emerald cut loose diamonds.

The first known emerald cut diamond was given to Mary of Burgundy in 1477 by Archduke Maximilian of Austria. Since then, some of the most famous diamond in history have been emerald cut diamonds. The 142.9 carat Jonker I, perhaps the most flawless diamond of all time, was found in South Africa, cut by famed master cutter Lazare Kaplan, and ended up in the possession of King Farouk of Egypt. After his fall in 1952, the diamond passed hands several times, but its current whereabouts are unknown. Many celebrities throughout history have shown off gorgeous emerald cut diamond rings, from Jackie Onasis to Reese Witherspoon and Paris Hilton.

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