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The Pear Shape cut was born from that epic explosion of creativity and artisanship known as the Renaissance. The same period that gave us the Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and Da Vinci’s Last Supper has given us the lasting legacy of the Pear Shape cut d

Pear Shape Loose Diamonds

Here at King of Jewelry, we offer a wide assortment of flawlessly cut loose diamonds, including the ever-popular pear shape loose diamonds. These diamonds are exquisite in every way, featuring perfect lines and brilliant facets. They are great choices for people interested in customizing an engagement ring or wedding band, or for people who are collectors of high-quality loose diamonds. Regardless of your preference, you are sure to find something that you love in our vast and varied selection.

In 1458, just as Europe was entering the period of the Renaissance, a Flemish polisher named Louis van Berquem cut the very first pear shape diamond. Van Berquem literally re-invented the wheel in order to achieve his innovative results, inventing a diamond polishing wheel known as a scaif to get the diamond facets just right. The pear shape cut continued to be popular throughout the Renaissance, and has returned to popularity again in recent times as more celebrities choose them for their engagement rings and other jewelry. Such notable celebrities with pear shape diamonds include Elizabeth Taylor, who was given a 69 carat pear shaped diamond ring by Richard Burton (who she married twice!).

At King of Jewelry, you will find a diverse array of pear shape loose diamonds that embody the attention to detail and aesthetic perfection to which our experts have dedicated themselves for over 18 years in this business. Nowhere else will you see such meticulously cut pear shape loose diamonds at such competitive prices. The professionals at King of Jewelry subscribe to the fundamental belief that gorgeous diamond jewelry should not be the sole province of the super-rich. We are eager to share the rich history and lasting beauty of diamonds with the whole world, one curious customer at a time.