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The Radiant cut diamond is the product of Henry Grossbard’s unique talents. He honed his craft for over thirty years before producing the Radiant cut, a testament to his genius and diligence.

Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds

Here at King of Jewelry, we are famous not only for our collection of gorgeous diamond engagement rings and diamond wedding rings, but also for our diverse assortment of loose diamonds. We know that many prospective customers also are interested in customizing their own ring for the man or woman they love, and we are happy to accommodate them with the finest selection of loose diamonds, including – by popular demand – our radiant cut loose diamonds.

Radiant cut diamonds can be traced back to Henry Grossbard, a Holocaust survivor who emigrated to New York and, after spending  three decades mastering the craft, developed a new style known as the radiant cut. Groosbard’s radiant cut was a new twist on the square or rectangular shape of the pre-existing emerald cut, which had fallen out of favor at the time. Today, many celebrities in America favor the radiant cut, including Jennifer Lopez, who was given a pink 6 carat diamond engagement ring from Ben Affleck. Khloe Kardashian is another lucky lady who received 9 carat radiant cut diamond ring when she was proposed to by Lamar Odom.

The radiant cut loose diamonds found here at King of Jewelry are carefully selected by our experts,, who are dedicated to providing nothing but the highest quality diamonds for our customers. That commitment to a superior standard has earned us a loyal customer base – men and women who keep coming back to us for all their diamond jewelry needs. From radiant cut loose diamonds to a variety of other shapes, as well as breathtaking diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, you are sure to find something at King of Jewelry that you will cherish for years to come.