One of our primary goals is to ensure our loyal customers are satisfied with their diamond purchase. Therefore, at King of Jewelry we provide the following return policy and procedure: If for any reason you decide to return your item, we will accept it back in its original condition, no questions asked and no restocking fee. Customers have 30 days from the delivery date to return the product at no charge.


Kingofjewelry.com offers a lifetime ring warranty. Prior to shipping, all items go through the highest quality control checkpoints to make sure that your item is free from any defects in workmanship or manufacturing. If at any point your jewelry is in need of service or repair, King of Jewelry will repair or replace the item free of charge.

* Please note that this warranty does not cover your center stone*

We'll cover the following concerns:

  • FREE lifetime sizing (up to 1 size up or down)
  • FREE tightening of stones or prongs
  • FREE polish for the life of the ring
  • FREE rhodium for the life of the ring
  • FREE lifetime appraisal service
  • FREE lifetime stone replacement for diamonds in a pave or channel setting. (Not including the center diamond*)


Once the 30-day period expires, you will be able to upgrade your King of Jewelry diamond purchase. You can send the center diamond back to us with the original certificate, at which point we'll apply the original price paid for your center diamond towards the purchase of a new diamond. Even if the gem is damaged, we will still credit you with the original purchase price, only subtracting the cost of polishing and reshaping the center diamond.


No Sales Tax*California State Sales Tax:*

Since our jewelry company is located in Los Angeles County, CA, we are required by law to collect sales tax *only from California residents*, and only for purchases delivered within the state. California sales tax is not applicable to merchandise shipped outside of California to residents of other states.
If an item is shipped to an address inside the state of California, a sales tax of 9% will be charged.We *do not* collect sales tax for other states. Compliance with any other state sales or use tax is the sole responsibility of the customer.
For more information, please contact your state's tax division.


At King of Jewelry, we are always looking for ways to delight the customer, which is why we offer free UPS or FedEx shipping on every order throughout the U.S. Furthermore, every King of Jewelry order shipped is fully insured, providing you with invaluable peace-of-mind when you make a purchase from our world-class jewelry company.

For shipping to regions outside the U.S., we have a number of cost-effective options that ensure your package arrives at its destination as efficiently and safely as possible. Feel free to contact our dedicated customer service team for information on the best shipping method for your particular purchase.


One of our core values is a belief that "Made in the USA" is more than a label. The awe-inspiring dedication and talent of our artists and craftspeople help make "Made in the USA" a trustworthy symbol of quality, value and love.

When it comes to your loved ones, we understand that you want to provide them the very best. The timeless jewelry pieces you select for your nearest and dearest reflect your distinct taste and embody the craftsmanship that can only come from skilled USA workmanship. Listed below are a few of many compelling reasons to buy authentic, American-made jewelry from our collection:

  • Jewelry that is made in America often contains a notably heavier amount of valuable and beautiful gold than imported jewelry - which is frequently infused with lead or other lower-quality materials.
  • Diamonds we use in each piece of jewelry are full-cut, never chipped - a feature that can substantially increase the items resale value
  • Imported jewelry is often machine-made, with machine-set diamonds. Not surprisingly, this does not ensure optimal diamond setting techniques and standards you receive from our handcrafted jewelry.
  • We stand by our products and will not rest until your purchase is entirely to your satisfaction.


Choosing the ideal engagement or wedding ring for your true love is never a decision to be taken lightly. Diamonds represent a substantial investment, and we understand that if you're going to pay for top quality, you'll want to feel certain that you're going to receive top quality craftsmanship. At King of Jewelry, one of the premier wholesale jewelry retailers, our experts are committed to hand-selecting every diamond that comes into our store for the best price and quality. By focusing on selling all our diamonds at wholesale prices, our customers are always thrilled with the diamonds they choose.