These diamond engagement ring bridal sets compliment each other, making a perfect diamond union between you and your loved one. All diamond jewelry is hand-set in gold or platinum settings with exceptional craftsmanship.

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Diamond Bridal Sets

Online and Los Angeles store-based wholesale jeweler, King of Jewelry, has over 500 beautiful bridal ring sets for engaged couples to choose from.

Walking into a regular jewelry store, a couple would be lucky to find more than ten different options for diamond bridal ring sets. Thanks to the typically limited selection of matching bridal sets, most guys opt to buy the engagement ring separately from the wedding band. Though this might seem like a good solution, this often results in a near impossible search to locate the perfect matching wedding bands. In lieu of a beautifully matching, perfect fit band that compliments her diamond engagement ring, some couples simply ‘make due’ with something that does not match, or does not lie flush with the engagement ring. Other couples turn to custom jewelry to create matching diamond wedding bands, but this option can cost much more than buying a pre-made ring - plus, it can take up to two months for the custom ring to arrive.

King of Jewelry, an online and Los Angeles store-based wholesale jeweler to the public recognized this ring shopping dilemma that many couples are faced with. In response, King of Jewelry created over five hundred stunning diamond bridal sets that include a beautiful engagement ring and a diamond wedding band in complimenting designs. Not only do their gorgeous bridal sets give customers a dizzying array of style and budget options, they are offered at wholesale pricing to all the jeweler’s customers. The engagement rings in the bridal ring sets come in all diamond shapes and sizes, including the Asscher cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, princess cut diamond, oval cut diamond, cushion cut diamond and round cut diamond. The diamond engagement rings, as well as the matching wedding band in the bridal set, range from the most intricate, ornate vintage diamond pave styles to bands set with sleek channel diamonds to very simple, plain wedding bands, platinum wedding bands or gold wedding bands.

By providing customers with an easy, affordably priced way to find the perfect bridal set, King of Jewelry hopes to make the engagement ring and wedding band shopping process a pleasant experience. In addition to the more than 500 bridal ring sets, King of Jewelry also carries and extensive selection of stand-alone diamond engagement rings in white and canary diamonds, 3 stone diamond rings, and men’s diamond wedding bands, all at wholesale prices.