Solitaire diamond rings are a classic style for diamond engagement rings and diamond jewelry, with their simple elegance symbolizing unified love. All diamonds are hand-set in gold or platinum settings.

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Diamond Solitaire Rings

Here at King of Jewelry, we have an array of diamond solitaire rings for you to choose from. The diamond solitaire ring is a classic ring style that has truly stood the test of time, but there are many variations that can occur within this style regarding diamond cut. Different diamond cuts we offer include emerald cut, princess cut, radiant cut, round cut, cushion cut, oval cut, pear cut, square cut, and more. We also offer three different ring styles, including cathedral, trellis and tiffany (v-prong, 4-prong, or 6-prong) styles. These diamond solitaire rings are a valuable symbol of undying love through the use of quality diamonds and white or yellow gold. And our selection of rings comes in a range of carats, so chances are that you can find a quality diamond wedding ring within your budget.

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