A Fancy Yellow Diamond in a Heart Shape Makes for an Eye-Catching Stunner

Of all the fancy yellow diamond engagement rings sold at King of Jewelry, there are few that compare to the heart shaped diamond. The heart shape is one that truly spells out your love in a gorgeous way with an eye-catching hue of yellow. We sell heart shape diamond rings for lovers who want the whole world to know that they have found the love of their life, the one who captures their heart, body and soul and who they have chosen to be their life partner. Of course, this can also be captured with our round or oval cut diamond rings, but there’s something to be said about the heart shape that make lovers turn to this style again and again.

The fancy yellow diamonds from King of Jewelry aren’t just a pleasure to behold; they are a true sign of devotion that you would select something so precious and unique for your loved one. These canary yellow diamond engagement rings also come with a complementary diamond evaluation report from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) that states their value in plain terms, indicating the “4 Cs,” as well, including carat, cut, clarity and color. Color is an important factor in a fancy yellow stone, as the more vivid the color, the more rare the stone. And at King of Jewelry, all of our diamonds are untreated, so you can ensure that the diamond is a truly magnificent gem that was never artificially handled.

Whether she chooses a fancy yellow or colorless heart shaped stone, King of Jewelry has the piece that is sure to delight her as everyone notices the eye-catching stunner bedazzling her left ring finger. Come to King of Jewelry today, in the Los Angeles diamond district, to learn more.