A Fancy Yellow Diamond with a Fancy Cut is Sure to Take Her Breath Away

What makes yellow diamond engagement rings so special isn’t just their fancy yellow hue, but the fact that they are rare and highly prized. Especially when she looks down at her finger and sees a sparkling yellow diamond, she will know that you really put a lot of thought into the ring that symbolizes the bond that the two of you share together. We recommend fancy cuts for the fancy colored diamonds, as the many brilliant facets really help bring out the color of the diamond, and the fancy cut makes the diamond appear larger than it is.

One of the best diamond cut choices for a fancy yellow engagement ring includes princess cut diamond rings. This cut, one of the most popular of all diamond cuts, is readily available at King of Jewelry, and we recommend it for those who want a fancy yellow diamond bedazzling the finger of their bride. Many celebrities have prized their canary yellow diamond engagement rings, not only for their hue, but because they are highly unique. King of Jewelry offers plenty of unique options when it comes to diamond engagement and wedding ring sets at our Los Angeles-based store, as well as our inventory available on our website.

Of all the loose diamonds sold at King of Jewelry, we truly prize the fancy yellow diamonds, that all come certified by top-tier gemological institutes. We always choose quality over size of the diamond, although we do provide plenty of options for those seeking a 1 or 2 carat diamond ring in a fancy yellow color. Contact us today to learn more about canary yellow diamonds at King of Jewelry.