A King of Jewelry Asscher Cut Ring Can Truly Capture Her Heart and Imagination

Of all the rings we stock at King of Jewelry, Asscher cut diamond rings are some of the most unique. They are most popularly set in a diamond solitaire, where the lone diamond can sparkle brilliantly, no matter which mounting style is chosen. The Asscher cut is perfect for this type of style, as it is a square step cut with cropped corners, and its octagonal shape enhances the stone’s brilliance. The Asscher cut, with its step-by-step facets, enhances its luster, whiteness and clarity, while downplaying its fire.

Good Asscher cut loose diamonds, such as those sold at King of Jewelry, have several elements that make an impact on the stone’s brilliance:

· Stone width and depth

· Symmetry and alignment of facets

· Polish

· Clarity (blemishes and inclusions affect the brilliance, or sparkle)

· Luster, transparency and light refraction

Whether she chooses a stunning 2 carat diamond ring or a more understated solitaire, King of Jewelry has the gemstone that is sure to please her. Aficionados of vintage, antique or retro ring styles are often pulled to the Asscher cut, as it has a rich and royal history of its own. No matter the style of diamond she chooses, King of Jewelry offers diamond evaluation reports from impartial, third-party sources such as the Gemological Institute of America. We place a premium on providing our customers with the highest quality diamonds and fine jewelry, so you can shop with confidence. If you are looking for more information about Asscher cut diamond rings, please browse our website for further information.