Antique Engagement Rings Designed by King of Jewelry Customers

The woman with classic tastes admires many famous rings from the past that belong to the rich and/or famous. While she is in awe of the many gorgeous antique engagement rings donned by elegant women for decades, the modern female still desires a ring that is truly her own. If the special lady is inspired by the tastes of a bride that went before her but has a unique treasure in mind, King of Jewelry invites the customer to fashion a one-of-a-kind engagement ring. With a seemingly endless array of semi settings and various cuts of loose diamonds to choose from, the man in love is able to commission the ring that once only existed in the mind’s eye. King of Jewelry’s expansive inventory of settings and diamonds ranging in price allows the customer to create the ideal ring while staying in budget.

When you design your own engagement ring with King of Jewelry, you begin by selecting the cut you fancy. If the customer is interested in princess cut engagement rings, he will receive information related to each princess cut diamond in terms of the 4 c’s and price. He or she may then proceed to view the semi settings for the center stone of interest. The customer can also design a ring utilizing a combination of loose diamonds and heirloom jewels already in his or her possession.

This individualized design experience sets King of Jewelry apart from other entities in the diamond jewelry business. For a design experience that is conducive to you, contact the King of Jewelry sales team at 888-349-8299 today.