Antique Inspired Rings Abound at King of Jewelry’s Los Angeles Store

While true antique diamond rings are difficult to find, it’s even harder to find one that has been properly certified by a gemological institute. The antique-inspired styles at King of Jewelry include stunning Asscher cut diamond rings, a diamond cut that has reemerged in recent years in popularity as it originally was a favorite in the Art Deco era in the 1920s. Since they’ve been recut in 2002 by a descendant of the original diamond cutter, they have seen resurgence in popularity and they have since been called the “Royal Asscher cut,” which features more cuts and brilliance than the original cut.

Cushion cut diamond rings ‎are another style that has been around for centuries, and is frequently found in antique style. Shaped like miniature pillows, the cushion cut makes for a stunning choice that looks beautiful by itself or with a single or double halo surrounding the center stone. King of Jewelry customers are invited to choose their own diamonds by browsing our vast selection of loose diamonds, or even by customizing their ring on our website by building their own engagement ring.

We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed promise on all special orders, including customized fine jewelry such as classic, antique-inspired or vintage diamond engagement and wedding ring sets. If you’d like to learn more about King of Jewelry’s extensive antique-inspired diamond ring collection, visit our website at today, or call us at (888) 349-8299 and a friendly diamond expert will help you find the ring of your dreams!