Benchmark Wedding Rings are Inspired by Quality and Great Craftsmanship

Benchmark wedding rings, as the name would suggest, set the standard for exquisite wedding ring styles, and King of Jewelry is an authorized retailer for the brand. Benchmark literally means “the point by which all others are measured,” and these stunning bands truly live up to that promise. These bands come in a variety of precious metal choices, and may accompany any engagement ring flawlessly. They include a comfortable fit, even if the entire ring is bedazzled with diamonds. From vintage Asscher cut diamond rings to modern 1 carat diamond rings, Benchmark wedding rings are the perfect complement to any ring, as they are simple and elegant.

Unlike yesteryear’s simple gold bands, Benchmark wedding rings are crafted with exquisite form and shape, and have gorgeous gemstones which are able to be secured in various settings. King of Jewelry provides brides the touch of elegance they want on their finger, whether they have an adventurous side and prefer sapphires instead of diamonds, such as a platinum band with pave-set blue sapphires and polished edges to lend a touch of uniqueness and glamour. For the bolder bride, King of Jewelry offers bands which have black diamonds in a bezel setting that give off plenty of sparkle.

For the bride and groom who want the perfect wedding bands to match their one another, King of Jewelry provides wedding bands that match for the happy couple. To learn more about our stunning collection of Benchmark wedding rings and our vast inventory of diamond engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal sets, contact us today at (888) 349-8299!