Best Collection of Diamond Wedding Rings at King of Jewelry

Absolutely nothing can match the beauty and splendor of a diamond wedding or engagement ring. For centuries, they have been the most popular expression of love. King of Jewelry in Los Angeles brings in a stunning collection of diamond rings, including ones that feature the increasingly popular round cut diamond. This cut of diamond offers superb luster and dazzle and often are of a larger size, which makes it a popular choice for those who appreciate the true beauty of a diamond.

Currently, round cut yellow diamond engagement rings are among the highest selling wedding rings at King of Jewelry. Their shining bright color yellow diamonds are perfectly enhanced by the round cut; the maximum number of facets created by a round cut considerably increases the reflectivity of a diamond and when employed on a good quality yellow diamond they can certainly produce a scintillating effect.

Absolutely stunning collections of affordable 2 carat diamond ring—in yellow and white gold as well as platinum—are also available with King of Jewelry in Los Angeles. King of Jewelry offers their gold rings in 14 and 18K versions, allowing customers to perfectly tailor their pieces to their budget. For those less concerned with the price tag, King of Jewelry fully recommends platinum to most perfectly accentuate the true shine and dazzle of a center stone. Of course, the band metal can even be mixed and matched (perhaps with rose gold accents) to fully create unique and gorgeous engagement and wedding rings at King of Jewelry.