Best Halo Style Round Cut Engagement Rings with King of Jewelry

For couples getting engaged or married, unique diamond wedding rings have always been the best option. Though there are many different styles and settings of diamond rings available, King of Jewelry in Los Angeles believes that vintage, halo style engagement or wedding rings are great options for those looking for classic and slightly unusual pieces. The circle of smaller diamonds around the center solitaire looks like an angel’s halo giving it its name.

The exquisitely designed round cut halo engagement rings available with King of Jewelry do possess a look that is magnificently modern and contemporary. But at the same time they also have a unique antique appeal that can be difficult to ignore. Naturally, these wedding rings are exceptionally popular among would be brides. Nonetheless, the style does provide many options for personalization. The halo stones or the center stone can be another gem other than diamonds, and the cut and shape of the center stone can create a different overall effect.

Halo style engagement rings are also known to possess a kind of versatility for both traditional and modern style jewelry designs. Halo style wedding rings are especially popular among the rich and celebrities, as they not only look more gorgeous, but the surrounding ring actually makes the center stone look bigger making them more suitable for their social position. Consider round cut engagement rings from King of Jewelry for your upcoming proposal; we'll beautifully customize it to match your future fiancée's tastes. Contact King of Jewelry online for more information.