Brief Guide for Purchasing Diamond Engagement Rings from the King

While rubies, sapphires, and emeralds have their own charm, diamond engagement rings still reign supreme when it comes to proposals. With their brightness, sparkle, and clarity, diamond rings offer great value to the new relationship you are entering in and set the standard and tone of the whole celebration. Many are still hesitant about purchasing online. But all diamonds available at King of Jewelry website conform to a very good standard and you can depend on their quality.

Cut, color, clarity, and carat – are the four most important factors or the 4Cs that you are required to consider while purchasing diamond rings. An absolutely astonishing variety of diamond wedding and engagement rings are available with King of Jewelry. From emerald cut engagement rings to luxury pens, there's something here for every milestone. While the store is based in Los Angeles' Downtown Diamond District, they do offer free insured shipping on every product.

Round cut halo engagement rings are a particular specialty here at King of Jewelry. The circle of smaller diamonds (called the halo) beautifully enhances the center round cut diamond, bringing out its luminescence and displaying its quality. It can provide additional flair and even sometimes make the centerpiece appear bigger. In fact, a smaller gem with the halo style will often retail for less than a larger diamond in the solitaire setting. That's a little industry secret for you budget conscious readers out there from your friends at King of Jewelry. Come see us in downtown Los Angeles or call us at (888) 349-8299.