Buy Canary Fancy Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings at Wholesale Prices

For the woman who searches for an unconventional hue for her engagement ring, King of Jewelry offers canary fancy yellow diamond engagement rings at extremely reasonable prices. These loose diamonds and semi mounts make for a vast inventory of wholesale diamond engagement rings. Brides with an eye for these yellow diamonds may not know their rarity, and how many fine jewelers sell them at very high prices as they are not only rare, but growing in popularity. Fortunately, a wide variety of canary fancy yellow loose diamonds are available at King of Jewelry for affordable prices.

King of Jewelry has a signature line of canary diamond rings that make for the perfect engagement ring or cocktail ring. These rings are noted for their brilliant deep, dark hue contrasting with clear colors. Many of the rings feature a yellow diamond as the center stone with a halo of pave-set diamonds. She is sure to be delighted with our selection of canary diamond engagement rings, with any diamond cut she desires, from Asscher to round-cut diamonds.

With a variety of yellow diamond color intensities from light to vivid, she is sure to be pleased. Every woman deserves the engagement ring of her dreams, and these fancy yellow diamonds are incredibly alluring compared to the typical colorless diamond. If you choose a yellow diamond from King of Jewelry, one of our master artisans will skillfully set the diamond in the semi mount you choose. To learn more about the natural, untreated yellow diamonds at King of Jewelry, contact us today for further information and we will be glad to serve you!