Choose King of Jewelry for Stunning Engagement Rings at Affordable Prices

Among the many fine jewelers in Los Angeles, King of Jewelry stands out for its gorgeous diamond engagement rings at wholesale prices that make the brand the best destination for engaged couples. The bride and groom are sure to find the wedding ring set they’ll adore that is almost as special as the love they share. As a purveyor of 100% untreated, natural, conflict-free loose diamonds, King of Jewelry offers a wide variety of styles in vintage, classic and modern styles.

An evergreen classic is the engagement ring with a round cut diamond, the most popular diamond cut. Round-cut diamonds are classic for a reason, because they look beautiful on any woman’s finger because of their versatility. Another reason people love this cut is because the shape of the round stone makes the diamond appear larger than it is, and the many facets of the stone make it sparkle brilliantly. Due to their popularity, round-cut diamonds are widely available and in a very wide price range to suit any couple’s budget. However, that doesn’t mean that King of Jewelry skimps on quality, because all of the round cut diamonds at King of Jewelry are high-quality with excellent polish, symmetry, luster and transparency.

Another diamond cut that is surging in popularity is the cushion cut. Cushion cut engagement rings at King of Jewelry have a large, open looking stone with a shape resembling a small pillow. Few jewelers have innovated the cushion cut diamond ring in the same way as King of Jewelry. Shoppers can buy cushion cut rings in a simple solitaire setting, with a halo, or with beautiful accent side diamonds in a three-stone setting.