Choose the Right Metal for Your Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Over time, yellow diamonds have made a separate class for themselves and yellow diamond engagement rings without any doubt are growing in popularity. Diamonds in deep and dark yellow color are quite rare and are sold expensively all over the world. A breathtaking variety of engagement and wedding rings with stunning yellow diamonds are now available with King of Jewelry in Los Angeles.

If you are looking for an engagement ring that really looks special and gorgeous then round cut engagement rings with a yellow diamond center piece can very well be the best that you can get with King of Jewelry. Compared to other cuts, round cut diamonds retain much of their original carat weight and also look bigger. Moreover they also have the maximum number of reflecting surfaces making them the brightest and most sparkling of all diamonds available in the market. Round cut engagement rings with halos—whether the halo diamonds are the same color as the center stone or not—are also exceptionally popular and you can hardly find anything that is more gorgeous than them.

For unique wedding rings, King of Jewelry can always provide you with the best both in terms of their look and design as well as their quality. This doesn't just apply to the stone; you will have many choices for the ring metal as well. Most jewelers would recommend white gold or platinum to be paired with yellow diamond wedding rings, though King of Jewelry realizes that tastes may vary!