Cushion Cut Canary Diamond Engagement Rings are a Sight for Sore Eyes

One of the reasons that brides to be love canary diamond engagement rings is because they are so beautiful to behold; both for their yellow color and the fact that they are so rare. Fancy yellow diamonds come in varying shades of yellow. Canary colored diamonds look particularly gorgeous in the fancy cut diamonds, such as the pear, marquise and radiant cuts, but they look just as stunning in the round cut diamond rings. Round cut canary diamond engagement rings are a gorgeous addition to any bride-to-be’s finger, and they look stunning as a simple solitaire or with multiple diamonds also adorning the band.

Cushion Cut Diamond Rings are another choice that looks lovely with fancy yellow diamonds, of any shade or style. Some brides love the look of a cushion cut diamond solitaire in canary yellow, while others veer towards cushion cut diamonds with a double halo of micropave diamonds. The cushion cut is a versatile stone that looks stunning by itself or in between two smaller side stones, in a three stone diamond ring. Brides often choose the cushion cut because it gives the illusion of a larger diamond, and it is a classic style.

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