Dazzling Asscher Cut Wedding Rings Available with King of Jewelry

Do you know that there are more than 10 basic shapes of diamonds that you can choose from for your engagement or wedding ring? The shape is considered as the overall form or the geometry of the stone and is largely responsible for the brilliance and luster of it. Accordingly, the purpose of the gemstone—perhaps it's an engagement ring or an eternity ring or simply a baguette—truly informs how it will be cut. For engagement rings, where one stone truly draws the focus, many recommend a round cut for its great number of reflecting surfaces. King of Jewelry, operating out of the diamond district of Los Angeles, offers a sparkling range of round cut engagement rings that can be purchased online.

No other stone can match the grandeur and glory of a diamond studded wedding ring. The Asscher cut was first developed during the early 20th century. These distinctly cut diamonds have a specific number of facets—fifty seven to be precise—and also possess an almost 3D pattern that mesmerizes the onlookers with dazzling beauty. A startling collection of asscher cut engagement rings is made available online by King of Jewelry and can be custom designed through a simple online tool.

As one of the largest wholesaler of diamonds, King of Jewelry has a superlative collection of wholesale diamond engagement rings and is certainly the best place to purchase affordable diamonds online. Every single diamond that King of Jewelry sells come with certificates of quality from certified diamond experts and comes with free insured shipping.