Design Your Own Engagement Ring and Choose a Complementary Wedding Band

If you’re engaged in Los Angeles, engagement rings are undoubtedly on your mind. As a premier fine jeweler in Los Angeles, King of Jewelry invites couples to customize their wedding rings sets with the design your own engagement ring interactive feature on the website. If you’re searching for the highest-quality wedding ring sets at an affordable, wholesale price, look no further than King of Jewelry.

If you’re on the market for the perfect wedding band to complement your customized engagement ring, King of Jewelry can help you find one that is exactly to your standards, whether it’s a simple white gold band with burnished diamonds or a diamond eternity ring with black diamonds. One of the popular choices for wedding rings is the Benchmark Wedding Rings line. These rings include the finest selections you’ll find anywhere, and are indeed the benchmark, or what other rings are measured against.

While looking for the perfect wedding ring set, don’t settle for unscrupulous dealers who don’t educate you on the quality and style of ring that would be perfect for you and your budget. King of Jewelry only carries 100% natural, untreated and conflict-free diamonds, and we gladly inform our customers about where our diamonds come from and how they were mined. If you are curious about diamonds in general or you’re looking for a wedding ring set, look to King of Jewelry.