Design Your Own Engagement Ring with Exquisite Asscher Diamonds

The square step cut and brilliance of fine asscher diamonds makes this cut a popular choice for those seeking wedding and engagement rings. When the asscher diamond is superiorly cut, the viewer’s eye will be transfixed by the diamond, whether it sits alone in a solitaire setting or is paired with other diamonds that are differently cut. Kind of Jewelry only offers the best asscher cuts to those looking to take part in the design your own engagement ring service. There are also plenty of pre-set asscher cut engagement rings to consider, as well as asscher cut diamond earrings, bracelets, and more. Those visiting our online inventory don’t have to stop at simply admiring King of Jewelry’s asscher cut creations; all of these fine items are set at competitive wholesale prices. This way, every interested couple may acquire the perfect combination of diamond rings.

For those looking for unique wedding rings, King of Jewelry presents many variations of asscher cut diamond rings. The customer may purchase our gorgeous bridal sets that feature stunning asscher engagement rings. If the customer appreciates asscher but would like to preview other cuts before making a final decision, marquise, princess, round, and other cuts from King of Jewelry are just as worthy of consideration. Also, the lady may consider asscher cut canary diamond rings, which have made a splash in both the United States and Europe in recent times.

If you have questions about a particular ring in our online inventory or have general questions regarding the assher cut, please do not hesitate in contacting the King of Jewelry team today at 888-349-8299.