Design your own Engagement Ring and Receive Exceptional Results

When you design your own engagement ring with King of Jewelry, you are at the helm of the design project. While the King of Jewelry design team possesses years of knowledge relating to the 4 c’s – carat, clarity, color, and cut – and is aware the most popular designs and trends in high-end jewelry, the advice offered by the staff is based on the wishes of each couple. Each customer who trusts the Los Angeles retailer with this important venture is rewarded with beautiful jewelry that is inspired by antique engagement rings or based on a completely contemporary design.

From time to time, King of Jewelry is approached by couples who have just spent their time rummaging through flee markets, only to find over-priced vintage rings bearing imperfections. King of Jewelry is more than happy to remove the stress and worry from the process through fashioning stunning vintage diamond engagement rings according to the specifications of the respective customer. King of Jewelry listens to the couple’s needs at each step of the design project. Once the clients’ aims are understood, the team works with loose diamonds and precious metals, applying their expertise to achieve the desired result.

King of Jewelry invites each potential customer to get to know the variety of finely cut diamonds available through our online home, in addition to the beautiful semi settings and other impeccable items available. Direct your questions to a helpful customer service representative by calling 888-349-8299.