Diamond Asscher Cut

King of Jewelry offers loose diamonds as well as diamonds already in settings. There are Asscher, Princess, Cushion and Radiant shaped cuts as well as others.

If you prefer your Diamond Asscher Cut, you're wearing a little piece of history wherever you go. Abraham Asscher was the first person to ever patent a diamond cutting technique in 1902, and over a century later, his shape is still one of the iconic diamond cuts. The Asscher family held the patent for decades until World War II devastated the diamond polishing industry in the Netherlands.

The shape itself is similar to the Emerald cut. Like the emerald cut, it was designed to showcase the clarity of a stone. Unlike the emerald cut, having a Diamond Asscher Cut imbues the diamond with the aesthetic unity of a square. The Asscher cut's enduring beauty comes from its unique, austere qualities that emphasize good, discerning taste in diamonds.

As a diamond owner, you should be careful not to store your diamond jewelry loose in a container. The possibility that your Diamond Asscher Cut could get scratched is too great. Diamonds may be known for their incredible strength, but they scan still be scratched. It would be wise to either wrap it in tissue paper, or store it individually. Specially padded or lined containers for collectors can also be purchased. Alternatively, you could purchase storage pouches for each individual piece.

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