Find Your Dream Wedding and Engagement Rings at King of Jewelry

As the epitome of elegant sophistication, diamond wedding rings are the ultimate show of glamour. A most impressive variety of diamond rings and other wedding jewelry are available at a wholesale price with King of Jewelry in Los Angeles. Plus, for those who travel a lot or can't make it to our store in person, we offer free insured shipping on any purchased from our online store.

The setting of a diamond ring along with the 4Cs is the most important factors to be considered while purchasing diamond jewelry. The pave setting, flush setting and the prong setting along with bezel, cluster and channel are common varieties that you get in the market. Feel free to ask the experts at King of Jewelry about these terms if you're unfamiliar.

Nonetheless, the cut of the diamond that you are going to gift your sweetheart as a show of your lifelong love and loyalty also requires a lot of attention. Among all the different cuts, round cut diamond rings almost completely overwhelm the market in terms of popularity. King of Jewelry offers these in a wide array of settings and styles; even though it's popular, the round cut is not a one-size fits all option.

Compared to other diamonds, a round cut diamond is slightly more expensive due to the skill required to make it as well as the cut's effect on the stone's radiance. King of Jewelry employs skilled diamond experts who can supply beautiful, perfectly executed round cut diamond rings for a variety of budgets. Contact us today for more information!