Gorgeous Canary Diamond Engagements for Your Beautiful Spouse

A "pure" diamond is completely colorless; the yellow color or any other color in diamonds is caused by the presence of different types of impurities. When nitrogen gets trapped inside diamonds as a primary impurity, they acquire a gorgeous yellowish hue. The deeper the color, the more amount of nitrogen is present. Yellow diamonds, especially the ones with dark yellow shades, are quite rare and naturally yellow diamond engagement rings available with King of Jewelry are currently seeing a heavy demand.

Yellow diamonds are also known as canary diamonds. Luckily for those seeking gorgeous yellow engagement rings, King of Jewelry in Los Angeles is one of the most reputable sellers of canary diamond engagement rings in America. They want to remind yellow diamond enthusiasts that the cut and hue of this kind of diamond is just as important as their colorless counterparts. For diamonds with a lighter hue, brilliant cuts are often consider as better to make the yellow color more pronounced. But for darker shaded diamonds, almost any cut may be suitable depending upon the original shape and size of it.

Vintage style engagement rings, even those merging yellow diamonds with traditional styles, are still no less popular. An exceptional variety of such rings are available at King of Jewelry website with wholesale prices and with free shipping. The round brilliant cut, princess cut, and emerald cut all have a kind of antique flavor about them and are often considered more suitable for vintage style diamond engagement or wedding rings.