King of Jewelry’s Engagement Rings Sold at Wholesale Prices in Los Angeles

The dazzling display of fine jewelry and diamond rings at King of Jewelry captures the imagination, as the Los Angeles jewelry mart has some of the finest diamonds found anywhere. Located in the historic Diamond District of Los Angeles, a front of diamond innovation since the ‘60s, King of Jewelry uses this location to give the best customer service to their clientele in this highly competitive area of fine jewelry marts. We have an extensive collection of diamonds in Los Angeles, both online and in our store.

The prices of our extensive inventory cannot be beaten, and these prices are generally lower than prices of the competition, because King of Jewelry believes in giving customers beautiful, customizable jewelry at wholesale prices. We also offer free shipping, a 30 day return policy, and a lifetime upgrade policy along with flexible payment plans. We are also trendsetters in the industry, providing pieces such as emerald cut diamond rings that set the pace for this gemstone cut, as well as vintage marquise cut diamond rings that are gorgeous pieces both for an engagement or an anniversary diamond wedding ring.

At the King of Jewelry mart, Los Angeles business owners thrive around these industry professionals, and these connections allow companies to work together and share their techniques with services that are priced competitively. So many vintage jewelry in Los Angeles shoppers and dealers are coming to King of Jewelry for their fine jewelry desires; savvy vendors are able to keep an eye on current and upcoming trends in the fine jewelry industry. We truly believe in providing the best service possible to our customers.