King of Jewelry’s Popular Styles are Sure to Please the Bride with Classic Style

For the bride who has classic style with modern sensibilities, she wants a ring that echoes her taste to a T. Fortunately, King of Jewelry has many popular engagement rings, and among the most classic are round cut diamond rings. The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular, and it’s easy to see why. With the dozens of facets on the stone, it sparkles magnificently and catches the light well. The runner-up to the round cut diamond are princess cut diamond rings, which feature a square-shaped diamond that creates the illusion of a larger gemstone.

Just as King of Jewelry has plenty of classic or popular engagement rings style, there are also plenty of unique wedding rings to complement them. A unique wedding band may be matched to the engagement ring, or it can be different, but complementary. With the help of King of Jewelry’s diamond experts and artisans, you can be sure that both the bride and groom’s rings will be incredibly beautiful and they can even be made so they match.

King of Jewelry is proud to offer a variety of rings, including rings you can help design yourself with the “build your own engagement ring” on the company’s interactive website. You can choose the specific loose diamond that is in your budget for the ring, and choose among King of Jewelry’s lovely semi-mounts in varying metals for this most important of accessories. Visit the King of Jewelry website to learn more, or call us at (888) 239-8299 today!