King of Jewelry is an Authorized Retailer of Stunning Verragio Rings

Verragio rings are truly unique in that they capture the beauty of the center gemstone by setting the stage with a stunning semi-mount. As a purveyor of fine bridal jewelry, King of Jewelry is proud to have the distinction of being an authorized retailer of Verragio engagement rings. This wonderful partnership between King of Jewelry and Verragio brings together the best loose diamonds in the world with these ornate settings.

For the woman who won't settle for anything less than a unique engagement ring, a Verragio ring set with small diamonds and then adorned with a center stone from King of Jewelry is a masterpiece to behold. In fact, Verragio rings are unique because they have an innovative Lumino setting which suspends the center gem in a way that allows light to hit every facet of the stone so it shines as brightly as possible. These luxurious, intricate semi-mounts also make incredible companions to the Verragio wedding bands, sold in sets and separately.

When it comes to selecting the center stone, King of Jewelry will provide expert advice in helping you choose the perfect diamond. Round cut diamond rings are the most popular choice and have been for decades because of the classic shape, brilliant shine and how the cut lends itself to being alongside other, smaller diamonds. Whether she chooses a round cut or any other type of diamond, she is sure to be satisfied with King of Jewelry's staff weighing in with expert guidance.

Verragio rings cannot be purchased online, and authentic Verragio rings are only available at authorized retailers determined to have excellent reputations and quality fine jewelry, such as King of Jewelry in Los Angeles. Authentic Verragio rings can be identified by looking at the inside of the shank, which is engraved with the word "Verragio." All Verragio rings sold by King of Jewelry come with a manufacturer's original warranty in addition to King of Jewelry's own warranty. Contact King of Jewelry today to learn more about stunning Verragio engagement and wedding rings!