Loose Diamond Selections from King of Jewelry Help You Create the Perfect Ring

King of Jewelry has an excellent reputation for supplying some of the finest loose diamonds in Los Angeles, as the store has been recognized by many fine jewelry and diamond collectors from all corners of the globe. Some of our loyal patrons are those looking for the next perfect stone to add to their collection, while others are unsure how to proceed in finding the perfect engagement ring for their spouse. No matter your experience level in diamond shopping, King of Jewelry is here to help guide you to the perfect ring with our expert advice.

Customers who are in the market for loose diamonds of all different cuts are welcome to browse the extensive inventory at King of Jewelry, as well as the wide variety of settings or complete pieces available. The loose diamonds here are available in a number of cuts, and for those interested in diamonds with transcendent beauty, round cut engagement rings are an excellent choice. Also, round cut diamonds are the single most popular among diamond cuts, as these gemstones effortlessly capture the light, your imagination, and most important of all, the heart of your beloved. 

Another popular cut is the princess cut, and King of Jewelry has plenty of princess cut diamond rings to satisfy any customer with even the highest expectations. Princess cut diamonds are another very popular choice, as they have a natural aesthetic quality, beautiful simplicity, and they look gorgeous when paired alongside other, smaller diamonds. The princess cut diamond is also scratch-resistant, and very durable.

Remember that even though diamonds are considered the hardest substance known to man and they are all scratch-resistant, you must take special care of your diamond jewelry. Your engagement ring should be cleaned professionally at least once a year, which King of Jewelry offers for free to its valued customers. Having your diamond jewelry inspected by one of the professionals at King of Jewelry is highly encouraged, so your fine jewelry looks fabulous as ever at all times.