Pear Shape Diamond Rings Dazzle Brides with Retro Style and Taste

Pear shape diamond rings from King of Jewelry echo those that were popular in times past, such as the teardrop diamonds that bedazzled the fingers of royalty during the Renaissance period. Also called Pendeloque or Briolettes, pear shaped rings are known for having no table, culet or edge but are covered with long, triangular shaped facets, and often pierced at the top so that they may be worn in suspension. They first hit the scene in the 1400s, and they are also sometimes described as half oval, half marquise-shaped, and the shape of a pear or teardrop.

Good pear shape diamonds abound at King of Jewelry, and may be affected by several elements which impact the diamond’s brilliance, such as the stone’s width and depth, and it symmetry and alignment of the diamond’s facets and polish. From 1 carat diamond rings that are the center stone of a three-stone diamond engagement ring or a single gem on a diamond solitaire, the pear shaped diamonds at King of Jewelry are elegant and retro all at once. Pear shaped diamonds also pair spectacularly with our micropave diamond wedding rings, or any other variety of wedding rings sold by our diamond district store.

Many diamond retailers set up shop in the Los Angeles Diamond District, but few have the outstanding level of customer service as King of Jewelry. We proudly offer satisfaction guaranteed and we strive to meet all the requests and demands of our clientele, which is why they frequently take advantage of our ten-year upgrade policy to get a larger or higher-quality loose diamond within the warranty period, when King of Jewelry buys back the original stone for 80% or more of its original purchase price.