Princess diamond cut

The King of Jewelry, collection includes bracelets, pendants and, of course, engagement rings. The popular Princess diamond cutas well as Asscher, Cushion, and Radiant cuts are available in our wide selection of loose diamonds, ready to be placed in a setting of your choice.

Outside the rounder shaped cuts, the Princess diamond cut is among the most popular shapes. Apart from the obvious pull of a cut called "princess" we think the reason for the popularity of this shape comes from some of the natural aesthetic qualities of a diamond when cut in this way. Specifically, the princess diamond cut is considered a "fancy" shape, but it has a certain beautiful simplicity, especially when placed in a setting with other, smaller diamonds. The corners of a princess diamond are emphasized, and there is the subtle suggestion of a concavity along the sides. This quality can be accentuated to flatter certain settings, creating a gorgeous combination. The Princess diamond cut is especially resistant to obvious scratches, and is considered a great way to preserve durability. A Princess diamond cut can still get scratched, though. After all, it is the same material composition as any other diamond. You should store your princess cut diamond in a safe place where it will be protected, most importantly, from being scratched by other diamonds. Don't let your diamonds sit loose in a drawer or box. Keep them individually wrapped, or use a container with built-in compartments to keep your diamonds beautiful for decades.

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