Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds

At King of Jewelry, we have a huge selection of diamonds in settings such as engagement rings. We also offer Asscher, Cushion, Princess, and Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds.

A great way to bring a wide variety of visual qualities to your jewelry is to buy Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds for your jewelry. Radiant, unlike some of the classic cuts like Asscher, is in the category of "fancy" cuts, according to jewelers. There is a large number of cut corners in any given radiant cut diamond. The complexity of Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds is deceptive, however, since there are surprisingly few actual cuts in one of these diamonds. The complexity arises from a carefully calculated combination of cuts, resulting in its iconic, "fancy" appearance.

The effect of a radiant cut is that the face of the diamond, though symmetrical, looks highly complex and decorative. It is well-suited to be placed against colored backing of one sort of another, because the neighboring hue will be borrowed by a radiant cut diamond, which will then "radiate" that color toward the eye. Radiant Cut Loose Diamonds look great when paired with smaller diamonds in a complex setting.

The key to caring for your radiant cut diamond from King of Jewelry is to be vigilant about monitoring its condition. Occasionally check to see that the setting hasn't loosened. Tightening and deep cleaning should be performed by an experienced jeweler. It would be wise to have your diamond jewelry inspected by a professional once a year.

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