Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Rings Remain the Most Engagement Ring Choice

Whether it’s a diamond solitaire or part of a three-stone engagement ring, round cut diamond rings remain the most popular diamond cut for a reason. They capture the light magnificently, and their simple yet elegant shape lends itself to gorgeous rings. At King of Jewelry, we welcome prospective customers to browse among our vast selection of diamond engagement rings, which includes many gorgeous round brilliant cut diamond rings.

The round brilliant cut diamond is highly versatile and can be paired with a variety of semi mounts and sparkle beautifully, including in antique, vintage and modern styles. For the bride who has an eye for modern styles, perhaps a tension set round cut diamond with pave diamonds encircling the band would make for a stylish option. The bride with classic taste may choose a simple yet gorgeous diamond solitaire, which of course can include a band of micropave diamonds if she wants to add more sparkle to the center gemstone. Any type of ring can be beautiful, but King of Jewelry also recommends three stone diamond rings, as the side stones add volume to the center gem, offering plenty of sparkle and shine to her ring finger.

Just as King of Jewelry stocks plenty of round brilliant cut loose diamonds, the fine jeweler also has plenty of diamonds of every conceivable cut, including princess, radiant and emerald cut engagement rings. To learn more about King of Jewelry’s extensive collection of loose diamonds and beautiful round brilliant cut diamond rings, please contact us at (888) 349-8299 for friendly, professional support.