Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds Remains a Popular Engagement Ring Choice

Among all diamond engagement rings sold by King of Jewelry, the most popular style include round brilliant cut diamonds. In fact, round cut engagement rings remain a popular choice since they were first mined and cut centuries ago. The round cut diamond fits in a variety of designs, including vintage, classic and modern styles, depending on the setting used for the engagement ring. Round cut diamonds that are cut well and have a high grade have incredible brilliance, fire, symmetry, luster and transparency, as do the round cut diamond rings sold by King of Jewelry.

Another choice for a gorgeous engagement ring includes radiant cut diamond rings, a fancy cut diamond that is suitable for the woman who wants a diamond that combines the sophistication of the brilliant and emerald cuts. While both the round brilliant and radiant cut diamonds emit plenty of fire, the radiant cut is a good choice for fancy colors, such as the yellow, pink or blue diamonds. King of Jewelry sells many round and radiant cut loose diamonds that will look spectacular in any given semi-mount you choose for your diamond engagement ring.

Whether you prefer the classic look of a diamond solitaire adorned with a round brilliant cut diamond or the flashy look of a radiant cut diamond surrounded by trapezoid shaped diamonds and micropave stones on the band, King of Jewelry can accommodate you with the perfect ring for your perfect bride-to-be. Contact King of Jewelry today to learn more about how we can help you customize your engagement and wedding rings with round or radiant cut stones!