Savvy Shoppers go to Los Angeles Diamond District Fine Jeweler King of Jewelry

While there are many Los Angeles jewelers that call the Diamond District home, King of Jewelry is undeniably a top-tier purveyor of loose diamonds and gorgeous semi mounts. Engaged couples or any person who loves fine jewelry come to the store to choose among the vast selection of diamonds the store has to offer, so their dream ring can become a reality. While the store has plenty of diamond engagement rings, the diamond wedding rings are the perfect complement to the stunning gems bedazzling the bride’s finger.

Furthermore, couples often come to King of Jewelry because they can buy amazing bridal sets, which can be custom designed with their preferred metal, diamond cut, semi mount style, and every particular. We also offer stunning fancy yellow diamonds, also known as canary diamonds, which can be made into any conceivable cut, from pear shaped to radiant or the ever-popular round and princess cut. Some even choose three-stone canary yellow diamond engagement rings set in platinum with gorgeous pave stones encircling the band, giving off unbelievable sparkle and brilliant shine.

At King of Jewelry, you’ll get 100% natural diamonds with timeless designs. What’s more, we promise 100% satisfaction guaranteed to all of our customers, with enticing incentives such as a lifetime upgrade policy, 30-day return policy and no sales tax. Many of our products purchased online qualify for free shipping, as well as free insurance. We are proud to offer the best customer service available in the fine jewelry business, as well, and we welcome your phone call at (888) 349-8299.