Set Your Love in Stone with Sought-After Benchmark Wedding Rings

Just like your love, your wedding ring set should be unique and special. With Benchmark Wedding Rings, you can expect just that. Just as the word benchmark denotes “the point by which all others are measured,” so is the Benchmark wedding ring brand. With a wide selection of Benchmark wedding rings at King of Jewelry to complement any number of diamond engagement rings, every bride and groom is sure to be pleased.

Benchmark wedding rings are not just simple gold bands. The rings are crafted with exquisite form and shape, and have beautiful gemstones which can be secured in a variety of settings. If the bride prefers a unique diamond wedding band or eternity ring, King of Jewelry stocks gorgeous rings that are truly stunning. If she prefers a ring with sapphires instead of diamonds, Benchmark makes a white gold band with pave-set blue sapphires with polished edges offering a touch of elegance. If she has bold style, King of Jewelry has Benchmark eternity rings which have black diamonds around the circumference to dazzle her.

No matter their style, both bride and groom will be thrilled with the many wedding ring sets sold at King of Jewelry. She can create her own ring, as well, with the help of the King of Jewelry skilled staff, so if she is looking for heart-shaped, pear-shaped or radiant cut engagement rings, she will find the diamond she wants in any precious metal she chooses. Contact King of Jewelry today at 888-349-8299 to learn more about the vast inventory of our Los Angeles store!