Simplicity and Antique Elegance of Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Derived from root Greek word ‘adamas’, ‘diamond’ literally means ‘unbreakable’ – the kind of bondage that engaging and marrying couples commit to each other through their diamond wedding rings and engagement rings. King of Jewelry in Los Angeles has a great inventory of some of the most stylish diamond and engagement rings on the market, all with free insured shipping and other perks.

A stunning collection of canary diamond engagement rings has quickly become the signature line jewelry item for King of Jewelry. Yellow canary diamonds are growing in rapid popularity, especially when paired with the cushion cut, princess cut, and round brilliant cuts. Plus, by specializing in canary yellow rings, King of Jewelry can offer unique rings to couples who prefer truly special and exceptional pieces. Moreover, the company also offers 14K and 18K yellow or white gold and platinum to choose from as the ring metal, all with unique and differing effects on the appearance of the gemstone.

Our favorite minimalist cut with canary diamonds is by far the cushion cut. Yellow cushion cut engagement rings truly stand out as far as their beautiful sheen. King of Jewelry's rare and elegant collection of canary cushion cut engagement rings carry an antique flavor and air of elegance, but with the modern flair of the yellow color. Contact King of Jewelry online, visit us in the Los Angeles Diamond District, or call us at (888) 349-8299 with any questions you may have about canary diamonds, the cushion cut, or anything else related to your upcoming engagement.