So Many Stores in the Downtown Los Angeles Jewelry Mart, but KOJ is Reliable

In the Los Angeles jewelry mart, there are many well-known stores that provide high-quality products and service, but here at King of Jewelry, we staff experienced and knowledgeable professionals in diamond jewelry. Our staff has worked hard to earn a reputation of excellence in the jewelry mart in Downtown Los Angeles. We have a vast collection of diamond jewelry, including gorgeous and unique diamond engagement rings, including diamond wedding bands to match. We offer highly sought-after halo cushion cut engagement rings, as well as choices that appeal to women with classic or modern taste.

If you’re thinking of getting down on one knee and offering the most beautiful ring possible, visit our popular store in the jewelry mart of Los Angeles. We offer many fine choices for any ring you can imagine, including rings you can design yourself with the help of our diamond artisans. All of these accommodations made by the King of Jewelry staff include meeting your budgetary restrictions, with an emphasis on catering to her personal taste and style.

We recommend shopping with your intended rather than surprising her with a ring, because it is better to be more aware of her style rather than risking buying the wrong type. That said, we offer a 30-day return policy for a full refund, or an exchange and splitting the difference of the two engagement rings. We realize this diamond ring is an investment, so we ensure that it will be worthy of adorning her finger for the rest of your lives.