Spectacular and Unique Diamond Wedding Rings Shipped for Free

King of Jewelry, one of the leading diamond merchants in America, offers their customers the finest collection of unique wedding rings. The jeweler has also made these rings available online through their website with completely free shipping to make things easier. They are available in many different cuts and colors—such as the gorgeous canary yellow—and the spectacular variety of all types of diamonds on display at King of Jewelry website can certainly help you to find the best diamond ring to celebrate the success of your love.

Round cut or round brilliant cut diamonds are specially known for their shine and brightness, which make them a very good choice for engagement rings. With a halo of smaller diamond circling around the round cut center diamond, round cut halo engagement rings look extremely impressive and are also pretty popular not only in America, but also in many other countries in the world. These rings sell in high numbers and with King of Jewelry you will always find a variety of them available with reasonable prices.

People have always wanted unique diamond engagement rings that are as special as the most important lady in your life. But diamond shopping with King of Jewelry also requires possessing a certain amount of knowledge about diamonds. The cut of the diamond, along with its color, clarity and carat weight of the stone are the four most important factors (or the 4Cs) that must be considered. Different cuts offer different number of facets of reflecting surfaces and other differences must be custom-tailored in order to create a unique design.