The Best Diamond Cut for Your Celebrity Wedding Ring

Looking for celebrity engagement rings that perfectly match your social position as well as your larger than life lifestyle? King of Jewelry in Los Angeles brings in an extensive collection of diamond engagement rings that can easily serve your purpose. 10 carat marquise diamond rings, oval diamond rings with pave settings, and many more unique and stunning options are available online at the jeweler's website, these can all serve their purpose in finding the perfect diamond for your fiancé.

Engagement rings for celebrities always show a special preference for bigger and better quality diamonds. But in recent times there is a prominent change in the trend. Simplicity in design is preferred by many nowadays, as evidenced by the number of emerald cut engagement rings that King of Jewelry has sold in recent times. Compared to other diamond cuts, emerald cut diamonds appear to be bigger in size. But, because emerald cut diamonds also have fewer reflecting facets, they are required to be very good in quality to achieve the desired luster and sparkle.

For celebrities or people for whom budget is not a constraining factor, princess cut wedding rings can also be a very good choice. Among diamond lovers, princess cut diamonds are always the most desirable for one very prominent reason—due to minimum wastage during the cutting and polishing stages, these diamonds retain most of their original carat weight. The cut is also known as 'modified square brilliant' and provide the stones with superb sparkle and brightness making them just perfect for an engagement or wedding ring.