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A popular choice for brides who want a rectangular shaped diamond is the emerald cut diamond, of which there are many options at King of Jewelry. Emerald cut diamond rings feature a rectangular shaped diamond with truncated corners and stepped facets, usually these facets are parallel to the girdle. Although the emerald cut reflects less light than brilliant cuts, King of Jewelry offers the highest quality of emerald cut diamond engagement rings so you see as few inclusions as possible. The skilled diamond artisans at King of Jewelry bring out all the brilliance and sparkle of an emerald cut gem as possible.

Because many view the emerald cut as too “glassy,” we also offer more brilliant cut diamonds. At King of Jewelry, we offer many diamonds which offer higher brilliance, such as our selection of cushion cut loose diamonds. Cushion cut diamonds have a rich history, and are seeing a resurgence in popularity both in other diamond vendors and at King of Jewelry, in Los Angeles. We are proud to offer many options of diamond cuts, and we prize out selection of emerald and cushion cut loose diamonds, all which come with a complementary evaluation report.

If you are in the market for an engagement ring, trust none other than King of Jewelry in the Los Angeles Diamond District. Our informative website helps customers learn what makes for the best quality diamond, and when possible we provide a snapshot of your diamond evaluation report right on the website so you can make an informed decision even if you purchase from our online store. To learn more, please browse our site or contact us today!