Unique Diamond Engagement and Wedding Ring Styles Abound at King of Jewelry

The diamond engagement rings sold at King of Jewelry are more than a fashion accessory; they symbolize true love and eternal commitment. In fact, whether she veers toward more unique pear shape diamond rings or classic princess cut engagement rings, King of Jewelry can accommodate her every request with rings that run the gamut from funky to timeless. Many brides turn to our Los Angeles store because they can build their own ring from scratch, by choosing the precious metal, diamond shape and cut, as well as additional embellishments such as side stones or a micropave band.

Another less popular but no less beautiful choice includes King of Jewelry’s marquise cut diamond rings. Named for their royal history, King of Jewelry stocks this diamond shape which was intentionally cut to resemble the shape of the mouth of the first woman who donned the style, the Marchioness Madame de Pompadour, the paramour of King Louis XV of France. More accurately described as an oval that has been stretched out to points at each end, the marquise cut diamonds at King of Jewelry are a fancy-cut style that are cut in a way to maximize carat weight.

The ring that truly captures her imagination will also capture her heart if it is given with love. King of Jewelry ensures the couple will be satisfied with our satisfaction guaranteed policy, and we also offer a 10 year upgrade policy if the couple wishes to turn in their gemstone for 80% or more of its original purchase price to exchange it for a larger or higher quality diamond.