Verragio Engagement Rings Bring Antique-Inspired Style

Verragio engagement rings are known for being ornately detailed with beautiful engraving, side gems and unique profiles from the side. These rings are particularly prized for those who are in the market for antique engagement rings, as authentic antique rings are very rare and offer the picky shopper little choice in style due to scarcity. At King of Jewelry, we welcome any bride with exacting demands for diamond engagement rings to browse our inventory so she can choose the ring that is right for her.

Verragio rings are special because they are innovative in their technique that allows the center gem to shine brilliantly, thanks to its patented Lumino setting. Bridal jewelry design Barry Verragio, who lends his name to his collection, is passionate about providing brides with unique, stunning fine jewelry that they will cherish for years to come. A Verragio ring for any special occasion is sure to be a prized gift that will make any husband or wife smile. 

King of Jewelry has the distinction of being an authorized retailer of Verragio engagement rings, an honor only given to the highest quality jewelers with impeccable reputations. King of Jewelry has earned this distinction by offering only the finest of loose diamonds to adorn Verragio rings, which are only available in semi-mounts and do not come with the center stone. For even the most discerning customer, King of Jewelry has a gorgeous loose diamond to incorporate into a Verragio semi-mount that will take her breath away.