Verragio Engagement Rings Make a Beautiful Foundation for Gorgeous Diamonds

Verragio engagement rings at King of Jewelry, who is an authorized retailer for the brand, are highly unique bands. They look stunning with just about any diamond cut, and it often depends on the direction that the bride-to-be wants to favor when it comes to diamond cut. Asscher cut diamonds look beautiful in a Verragio Engagement ring that has a more vintage appeal; a style which abounds in the Verragio name.

Verragio also offers plenty of unique wedding rings for both men and women that can complement or match her engagement ring, sold separately or in bridal sets. Sometimes, the bride and groom opt to have rings that match one another’s, to truly show their bond in a sentimental and symbolic way that they remember every time they clasp hands together. The ring he slips on her finger during their wedding vows is just as important as her engagement ring, so at King of Jewelry, we recommend keeping the wedding bands in mind while shopping for diamond engagement rings.

A brand like Verragio does not come at just any fine jewelry store. As a matter of fact, King of Jewelry is an authorized retailer for the brand, which does not sell directly to consumers. The store has received this distinction for its superior reputation, quality of merchandise and top-tier customer service. At King of Jewelry, we go above and beyond what is expected of a fine jeweler. We truly have a passion for fine jewelry, and recognize that it is an important step for the future Mr. and Mrs. who purchase their rings from us, symbolizing their union. To learn more about Verragio rings at King of Jewelry, contact us today at (888) 349-8299.