Vintage Style Engagement Rings with Cushion Cut Yellow Diamonds

Compared with colorless diamonds, many find yellow diamonds to be warmer and more romantic. That is one of the most important reasons behind the growing sales of yellow diamond engagement rings. A breathtaking collection of these rings is offered by King of Jewelry, one of the most prominent and well-reviewed diamond merchants in the diamond district of Los Angeles. Diamonds with dark yellow hues are of a rarer kind and, naturally, there is a heavy demand for them not only in America but in most other countries of the world too.

For many diamond lovers, cushion cut engagement rings are the first choice as a gift for their fiancée on the happy occasion of their engagement. With their classic style and antique designs these rings are exceptionally liked by people with passion for classical beauty and set in 14k white gold or platinum a cushion cut yellow diamond from King of Jewelry can really steal the show. Cushion cut diamond rings are still adored by many for their antique look and old world charm.

Cushion cut diamond are already known to have an air of antiquity about them and when they are set in vintage style engagement rings they are found to be at their dazzling best. If you are romantic in heart with a flair for classical style then this can very well be the best diamond ring that you can find anywhere in America. There is another advantage of purchasing a diamond wedding ring from King of Jewelry. Every diamond ring purchased from them online is shipped for free.