Vintage Style Engagement Rings

Art Deco and similar designs have made a huge resurgence in the fashion world, leading to many people clamoring for vintage style engagement rings. The cuts, the lines, and the gorgeous diamonds of the past can add extra sentimental value to a diamond wedding or engagement ring, which is why you should turn to a jewelry store in Los Angeles that specializes in vintage style and custom ring design. King of Jewelry, located in the Los Angeles Diamond District, is the team of jewelry designers that those looking for fantastic vintage style designs can rely on.

King of Jewelry's expertise at crafting custom wedding and engagement rings in Los Angeles helps strengthen the vintage style jewelry we create. The team of designers here can make fantastic pieces evocative of your favorite fashion eras throughout history while understanding contemporary trends, perfectly crafting modern-looking vintage style engagement rings. Moreover, if you want to incorporate a gemstone or other piece into your ring, please come down to the King of Jewelry store to discuss this. We can capably integrate any antique aspect into our vintage style engagement rings and we enjoy making a truly unique and gorgeous piece.

Feel free to also navigate the King of Jewelry site to view some of our favorite preset vintage engagement rings in Los Angeles. To see our designs that have Art Deco flair, focus your attention on halo settings or emerald cuts. If you have any questions or need help finding a ring that suits your future bride's style, feel free to give us a call at (888) 349-8299. A representative of King of Jewelry can also be contacted online.


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